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DIY Conservatories - What Style Is Most Desirable?

When choosing a DIY conservatory, there is a myriad of designs and options, this really is pretty daunting. Whilst you are making a huge saving over the price of an ordinary conservatory it is still a significant purchase, so you'll want to make the right choice.
There are a lot of options when it comes to the materials you decide on for your DIY conservatory, various kinds of glass, different materials for the frame and of course the style of your conservatory. While your taste is going to dictate your selection to a great extent, you'll need to take various practicalities into consideration.
Each neighbourhood and every house has its own special style. You should take this into consideration when selecting the design of your DIY conservatory. Certainly if you get it right, a DIY conservatory can definitely enhance the look of the rear of your house.
Victorian style DIY Conservatories
Victorian design DIY conservatories are among the enduring classic styles that have proved in demand for countless years. It needs less square footage, but will also provide you with a traditional beautiful finish.
Edwardian design DIY Conservatories
The crucial trait of the Edwardian design conservatory is its square form which gives maximum living area for the least loss of garden area.
Edwardian design DIY conservatories are classic like the Victorian design, they're airy and roomy.
A DIY Edwardian conservatory offers the best of both worlds. Exactly like lean to or hipped lean to DIY conservatories, it maximises the room available. Simultaneously it gives the same traditional Edwardian look having a distinctive cresting and finial, as the Victorian conservatory.
You might be thinking about building a brick structure instead of an edwardian diy conservatory, after all the square shape means it is just like every other room, right? Well in our view it does not, indeed you could use bi-fold doors to open up the room, but an Edwardian style conservatory provides you with a far brighter space that seems like a part of the garden.
lean-to diy conservatories
Much like the Edwardian style DIY conservatories the lean-to conservatory style is rectangular and is a great solution to add additional square footage to your downstairs living area. These kinds of rooms make perfect playrooms, dining rooms, home offices or sitting areas to soak up the sun's rays and take pleasure in the garden.
Lots of people think that a lean-to diy conservatory will have a flat roof, but that's not the case, many come with a pitched roof, that will help channel rain water properly, stopping leaking and damp problems that you get with traditional felt flat roofs.
Lean-to conservatories are fantastic for bungalows, their lower roof profile mean that they are often attached underneath the guttering and facia and will not look out of proportion with even the most compact of buildings.
P-Shaped DIY Conservatories
For those who have a bigger budget and are searching for that multi purpose room, such as a dining area along with a sitting area, then the P-shaped diy conservatory is the option for you. The P-shaped conservatory will take up additional space, but for those who have that space to spare you'll get in return a fantastic looking conservatory with acres of space.
You can think of the P-shaped conservatory like a marriage between the Victorian style DIY conservatory as well as the Edwardian style DIY conservatory. Imagine eating an excellent dinner in one area then retiring to the other space to take an after dinner drink and take advantage of the garden views.
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In Summary
It is very important to plan ahead of time to get the conservatory that's perfect for your house and the space you have to build on. Speak to at the very least three DIY conservatory companies to get ideas of just what could be achieved for what price. When you have quite a small budget then a lean-to conservatory is a fantastic option, for people with more to spend then an edwardian or victorian style DIY conservatory can give you a terrific building that you will benefit from for countless years.
In this article we've discussed the fundamental styles, however it doesn't finish there. It is possible to have any style of DIY conservatory to fit just about any space, from grand multi space units to amazing classic gable ended potting shed designs.
Just ask your DIY conservatory supplier about what is possible.
Jenny Jamieson is a DIY conservatory expert. She has been helping home owners choose and install DIY conservatories for over 10 years. Jenny loves working with DIY conservatories because she loves to see happy home owners who get a beautiful conservatory to enjoy at a fraction of the cost of traditional conservatories.
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